Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dependent or Independent

Do Now # 9:

What is the difference between being dependent and being independent?

What is a variable in math? 

What does it mean to vary something?

What does variety mean?

In science when we experiment we need to know what we are experimenting on and what is the thing that is affecting our experiment.  Therefore when we do experiments we want to control the variables to the point where there is only one difference between samples so we can attribute any changes to the variable that we choose to change. 

There are 3 variables.

1.  Independent Variable:  this is the variable we change in every sample.

2. Dependent Variable: this is the variable we gather data on, the change that occurs becuase of our independent variable

3. Control Variable - these are all the other possible variables which we try to keep control of and constant in all samples.

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