Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Decomposition Song: Do Now #7

Do Now #7:  Why are produceres and decomposers so very important to all life on Earth?

Is this waste? Well I don't know;
One thing dies to let another grow.
This circle we see almost every day;
the name we call it is.........decay.

Well come on all you people, gather 'round
Breakdown and listen......
To decomposition:

Group 1: Muncha, muncha, muncha.....
Group 2: Decomposition, decomposition, decomposition.....
Group 3: I get down, I break down, I get.......

There are many kids of bugs;
Worms and snails and slimy slugs.
They are useful for me and you;
They help to make the soil.....Renew.

Decomposition is a useful game;
A tree drops its leaves, but they don't stay the same.
A bug chews them up and spits them back out;
Making the soil for a new tree to sprout.


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